Remember When the U.S. Took the Initiative?

I’m happy that someone is doing something smart, especially since it’s a nation that has done so much to pollute and damage the environment over the last number of decades.
China Adding 500 Gigawatts of Renewable Power by 2020!
On the same day that Senate Republicans filibustered a vote for renewable energy in the USA, by contrast – China has just published an astoundingly ambitious and exciting renewable energy plan for the next ten years.

The article outlines China’s lead in solar energy production (i.e. their lead in solar thermal hot water heating, among other facts) and points out that U.S. progress in renewable energy is pathetic in relation to other countries efforts.
I just wish is what the U.S. of America that was taking the lead in renewable energy initiatives. We USED to be world leaders.
Interesting, that, whereas we depend so much on foreign oil (and the corporate sock puppets posing as legislaters keep whining “drill here, drill now”, even on the heals of the numerous devastating accidents).
For example: GOP Legislators Kill Off Renewable Energy Initiatives
Same as they ever were.
The current Administration has tried, I know, but the “Party of NO” has to much invested (literally) to risk their fossil fuel dividends.

To put that in perspective: the US will have added 16 GW of all renewable energy combined once the Obama administration Recovery Act funds are allocated – which, while a fabulous change for us, because it doubles the entire last thirty years of renewables on the grid – pales by comparison with 500 GW.

There IS a (relatively) easy solution. Call your legislator & give them an earful! It’s OUR country and OUR Earth & the legislators should be serving US, not the corporate oil weasels.


Cheap, Clean Drinking Water…

Water, water everywhere but is it safe to drink?
…not always easy to find, in this day and age.
So I’ve given up the bottled water thing, what with all the scrunched, crunched and battered bottles I see alll over the place and the facts of how much energy it consumes to produce, fill and transport those bottles.
Then, as I mentioned, there’s dealing with the empty plastic bottles.
It blew my mind when I read about the numbers over at the Wikipedia entry on bottle water.
Americans consume some 50 billion bottles of water per year!
Further, only about 26% of those bottles make it back for recycling. Think about it…
That’s a LOT of plastic floating around (and I DO mean floating… check out this piece on the Atlantic garbage Patch, from Discovery News.

What’s in YOUR Water?
Of course, if I’m not buying bottled water anymore, tap water is the alternative it seems, and I have to say I’m not thrilled with the prospect. I’m even less thrilled having discovered some other contaminants now being found in municipal water supplies.
Pharmaceuticals lurking in U.S. drinking water
(from the March 2008 MSNBC/AP 3-part report)
“A vast array of pharmaceuticals — including antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones — have been found in the drinking water supplies of at least 41 million Americans, an Associated Press investigation shows.”
I sure wish those Tea Party idiots who were all worked up about flouride in our drinking water, and protected weasels like the criminals over at BP, would get a lather up over the drugs in our drinking water.
Not bloody likely so I decided to take matters into my own hands…
I went over to place for green living ideas, goods and supplies ~ and, after reading one of their guides, got myself a GE faucet filter for my green homeGE faucet mount filter found at
This baby not only takes out sediment and those nasty heavy metals (like cadmium, mercury, etc.), it also strips out the nasties making their way into many, many, many municipal water supplies these days.
It’s supposed to treat up to 100 gallons before it needs faucet mount replacement filter so I figure I’ll bepaying about $.10 a gallon for my water; a darn site cheaper than the bottled water & there’s no bottles to deal with, either.
For under 30 bucks I get clean drinking water out of my tap (great for washing veggies, too), avoid dealing with bottles and save myself I chunk of change to boot!
THAT is easy, green living my friends.

Blowing My Green Mind…

So I’ve just moved into San Diego’s North County and roaming (by foot, mind you, even though so many in the bohemian community into which I’ve moved prefer to motor almost everywhere, including an eightth of a mile to pick up…anything) the town just blows my green-leaning mind!
Sunny, sunny, sunny!!!
And hardly a solar panel to be seen. This area is a natural and, given the tax incentives offered for installation of solar panels and such, it’s amazing that the area isn’t festooned with PV panels!
The new library being built IS using a green roof, with the covering being planted(an ages old technigue, btw) but otherwise, all this glorious radiation courtesy of Sol is being wasted.
An evening stroll reveals even more more mind-blowing reality; I’m certain this neck of the woods chapparel will soon be named the “Land of A Million Malls” and each developer has fallen prey to the madness of the “greenscape”.
All of these oasis’ have been planted with verdant, rich green lawns
which need 10s of thousands of gallons of water to maintain!
As I walked by one local strip mall(with beautiful, lush grass) the other evening, I had to step into the street to avopid being soaked by a maladjusted sprinkler head, then had to step over the near-torrent of water rushing off the lawn, into the street and down the gutter.
It just struck me as an amazing waste and I walked the perimeter of the property to verify that this mall was now, indeed, an island!
Excuse me, BUT they’re not making more of it.

Having Fun at the Expense of Corporate Oil Weasels

Have you caught any of the faux concern from the mad men at Chevron?
Specifically, I’m talking about their “WE Agree” ad campaign into which they’re pouring millions in order to convince the general public that they really do care about the lives & environments that they destroy in order to live the gluttonous life…
Apparently, instead of using that money to clean up the messes they’ve made, or to prevent further messes they will make, they figured they’d just try to pull the wool over everyones’ eyes. Why not? It’s worked very well thus far, hasn’t it?
Rather than actually invest in renewable energy, they spend great gobs of money on pretending they support it while spending more on derailing efforts to develop renewable energy. Preeeetty cagey, eh?

The Chevron Greenwash Gets Punked
Let the Fun Begin!
At least they’ve provided some inspiration to some people with smarts & creativity…
Unfortunately for those big oil weasels (and fortunate for US), the Yes Men have decided to take the oil weasels to task & they’re encouraging me & you to get in on the fun!

In response to the Chevron greenwash attempt, the Yes Men have come up with a Chevron Spoof Ad Contest.
Check them out & try your hand at it.
I’ll be back later with my submission…

Hello World, Redux!

Just thought I’d take off on the wordpress default post & say “hello” to this big green world, our big blue marble…

It amazes me, the waste & the carnage to which we subject our home world, as if we have somewhere else to go! Instead of ranting & railing about it on twitter, on the bus or raging on during some stupid-assed commute (and I pretty much only telecommute but when I actually hit the highways, all this folks sitting alone in their cars, packed on the highway like individually tinned sardines, it really gets to me), I decided I’d really put it out there and try to improve things (including my own hopes & attitudes) with news & ideas about actually LIVING a green life.

So, hello world!

I’m here to help.