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Having Fun at the Expense of Corporate Oil Weasels

Have you caught any of the faux concern from the mad men at Chevron?
Specifically, I’m talking about their “WE Agree” ad campaign into which they’re pouring millions in order to convince the general public that they really do care about the lives & environments that they destroy in order to live the gluttonous life…
Apparently, instead of using that money to clean up the messes they’ve made, or to prevent further messes they will make, they figured they’d just try to pull the wool over everyones’ eyes. Why not? It’s worked very well thus far, hasn’t it?
Rather than actually invest in renewable energy, they spend great gobs of money on pretending they support it while spending more on derailing efforts to develop renewable energy. Preeeetty cagey, eh?

The Chevron Greenwash Gets Punked
Let the Fun Begin!
At least they’ve provided some inspiration to some people with smarts & creativity…
Unfortunately for those big oil weasels (and fortunate for US), the Yes Men have decided to take the oil weasels to task & they’re encouraging me & you to get in on the fun!

In response to the Chevron greenwash attempt, the Yes Men have come up with a Chevron Spoof Ad Contest.
Check them out & try your hand at it.
I’ll be back later with my submission…