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Remember When the U.S. Took the Initiative?

I’m happy that someone is doing something smart, especially since it’s a nation that has done so much to pollute and damage the environment over the last number of decades.
China Adding 500 Gigawatts of Renewable Power by 2020!
On the same day that Senate Republicans filibustered a vote for renewable energy in the USA, by contrast – China has just published an astoundingly ambitious and exciting renewable energy plan for the next ten years.

The article outlines China’s lead in solar energy production (i.e. their lead in solar thermal hot water heating, among other facts) and points out that U.S. progress in renewable energy is pathetic in relation to other countries efforts.
I just wish is what the U.S. of America that was taking the lead in renewable energy initiatives. We USED to be world leaders.
Interesting, that, whereas we depend so much on foreign oil (and the corporate sock puppets posing as legislaters keep whining “drill here, drill now”, even on the heals of the numerous devastating accidents).
For example: GOP Legislators Kill Off Renewable Energy Initiatives
Same as they ever were.
The current Administration has tried, I know, but the “Party of NO” has to much invested (literally) to risk their fossil fuel dividends.

To put that in perspective: the US will have added 16 GW of all renewable energy combined once the Obama administration Recovery Act funds are allocated – which, while a fabulous change for us, because it doubles the entire last thirty years of renewables on the grid – pales by comparison with 500 GW.

There IS a (relatively) easy solution. Call your legislator & give them an earful! It’s OUR country and OUR Earth & the legislators should be serving US, not the corporate oil weasels.